Ian (yumseta) wrote in waplj,

Testing complete :)

Well, the move to the new server is complete finally, and it's now time to release the URL for WAPLJ to the community.

Okay, the URL is:-


Features in the client as released:-
- Separate login screen (removes need to enter username/password twice & shows that you're using WAPLJ on your LJ userinfo page)
- Auto complete of date & time (this is generated from the server WAPLJ sits on, but can be adjusted)
- Ability to post Public, Private, or Friends only posts.

Features which I'd like to implement:-

- Moods (Not sure how easy this'll be to implement given WAP limitations)
- Posting into community journals (again, not sure how easy to implement)

Any comments/queries/errors, by all means let me know.

Hope people find this tool useful :)

Ian (vj)
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