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  • yumseta

Yes, I am still here!

Right, I know the client's not been touched in a while, so figured it was time for a status report:-

- WAPLJ has been tested and does work with the O2 network in the UK - I can't vouch for other networks tho, as I only have an O2 phone.

- Since the last update, uJournal has ceased to be, as many of you are aware.  So, I've taken that out, and added in support for GreatestJournal instead.

- My webpage now has an on-line demo of the WAP client in action - the link to the page is HERE.

- In addition, I've also added a web based LJ posting Utility, WEB LJ, to my site - you can access that by going HERE

All comments and feedback are welcome.
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Hey, I'm a new WAP user and love the idea of updates on the go. Just about to see if this will be compatible with my Orange phone, but also wanted to see if this place is still alive...*poke*
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  • phant0m


I've just tried to connect to this wapLJ with my Siemens MT50 via UMC (Ukraine).
And i get error message: "Your request for a service could not be fulfilled. Please try again or contact your operator if the problem persists."

Any suggestions?
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  • tsutton

Unable to connect

I've just tried to connect to this wapLJ with my Sony J5e via Orange UK network.

The logon screen came up fine but when I click on 'logon', I got an error message:

Cannot display malformed content

The password I typed are in pure text, 9 letters and in lower case.

Any ideas?

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Hi, I just joined your community and love the fact that we can use LJ on cell phones, but I got an error when I tried. I'm using a Nokia 3310 and my service provider is O2 (I'm in the UK).
Also - is there any way of viewing friends lists on wap too? That's what I want to be able to do most.
Many thanks,